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$5 WebSites: What’s the Catch?

$5 WebSites: What’s the Catch?

You may have seen TV ads talking about websites for just $5 per month!  Woo Hoo!  Now anyone can have their little piece of real estate on the world wide web!   It even comes with a DOT com name included!

Is this honest advertising?

When you visit their website you see some very tempting professional designs that look every bit as good as sites other sites you have seen.

However: once you have been pulled in and paid for your membership, you discover that it is impossible to produce anything of that quality using the included web design tools.  In order to get that sleek professional appearance: you must pay extra for one of their team to set up the design for you.\

The additional fees are often more expensive than hiring a full service web designer.

Need Web Marketing?

This isn't free either!  If you want anyone to actually FIND your website.. You need search engine assistance.  The website promotion freebies that are "included" – end up being costly up-sells one way or another.


What do you Lose on these Deals?

Precious time & energy that you need to make it happen the right way.  


Ya Can't Get Something for Nothing!

However at CashBoxHosting we create that design which says "world-class" to anyone who visits your website.   We then empower you with the tools to add your own words, pages, links & images.  We also teach you how to "work the search engines" with your website.

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