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Your Online Location

Your Online Location

No matter what kind of business you run – your web site may be the first impression your customers get of YOU!  


Consider these Important Points:


  • Modern shoppers often begin with their favorite search engine BEFORE venturing to pick up the heavy phone book.   Effective use of modern search engine technology allows you to zero in on the exact customers who need what you sell.  Local Businesses: you may be the only one who made the effort to come up in Yahoo or Google for your region.  Be FIRST in line for those pocketbooks!


  • Whether its on your vehicle-signs, classifieds, or simple word-of-mouth:  Having a strong DOT COM identity can permit customers to remember how to find you again later.


  • By propelling your customers to your web site from your business card and print ads you create that crucial next point of contact.  Shape their perceptions of your enterprise and tell your story!  Permit them to develop a greater comfort factor by getting to know more about you before they choose to do business.


  • Use your web site as a multimedia webmercial with audio and video features to create an emotional connection with your products or services.


  • Provide valuable online information in your niche at no charge and establish your brand as an authority for your market.   Give the customer something to read and keep them coming back.


  • Coordinate any group or simply dial in your customer base on a long-term basis.  Leverage Internet-based social networking features such as Electronic Newsletters, User Discussion Forums, Member Profiles, and Email contact lists.


  • Open up an online storefront and deliver your product beyond normal geographic boundaries.  Spread your net a lot wider and reap the rewards!


CashBoxoptional Hosting specializes in helping all the pieces of your marketing puzzle come together centered around your dot com web site location.

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