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Brainstorming & Clarifying

Brainstorming & Clarifying

Taking the time to brainstorm and clarify your objectives can provide far better results from your website efforts.

In this article we provide a few starting questions you can ask your self.   The answers lead to important conclusions regarding the actual words you should be focusing on when writing the content for your website.    Getting clear on these words can help you pull in the exact types of visitors you are targeting from the search engines.

This understanding also insures that you "speak their language" so that the first critical 15 seconds are maximized.    At first glance a new visitor must see words that let them know your website is FOR THEM.    This propels them to read a little more thereby getting deeper into your site.

Questions You Should Ask:

1.  What is the area of interest or need you want to serve?
2.  What are different ways of describing this?
3.  Summarize your solution or the type of resources you provide.
4.  Break down your solution into its elements.
5.  What are several different ways of describing your solution and its elements (Ask a few customers.).
7.  What is the most important thing your visitors need to know about you?
8.  What is the second most important thing they need to know?  (etc.)

Search Engine Friendly Website Structure

When we lay out your site – we want to start from the center of the idea on the
main page and then break it down into its components.   Each specific page or article should
be key-word rich in terms that describe that particular aspect of the problem or solution.

Certain groups of information can also be sorted into categories.   This general category
description helps the search engines further determine the relevancy of your topics.

When we do your basic Search Engine consultation we will do keyword research to determine the actual number of searches that are performed on each of the terms you have identified and possibly suggest other word-options to consider.


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