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Thinking Big: Power Branding for Small Businesses

Thinking Big: Power Branding for Small Businesses

Become Bigger than McDonalds: on a Shoestring.

You don't have to win the whole world: you just have to become huge in your own niche.  It all comes down to branding.  

What would a person be without a name?  Forgettable! 

They say that 85 percent of small businesses fail: what are some of the reasons?

  • Inadequate ongoing training for employees – therefore: inconsistent results.
  • Inadequate funding – IE the money was spent on the wrong things.
  • Inadequate Branding & Marketing – Insufficient demand was generated before the money ran out.
  • Charging too little for goods & services – Lack of Confidence.  With the right marketing you can get what its really worth!

Humans are herd animals.  Whenever you deliver the goods to your customers: they naturally start talking about their good experience.  But what if they have their conversation and can't remember the name of your company?  Or: a listener goes later to look for you on the web: but can't find you in Google?  Or: you have a weird spelling that no-one would get?

We have a great article on creating a total recall name at

This name should be turned into a visual statement: a clean powerful logo that focuses on your dot com name.  Just one glance can create a lifetime impression.  Just seeing your dot com name on the back of your car will enable people to find you: even if they don't have time to write down your number.

If people have seen your logo just once: even if they are not conscious that they saw it: the brain still makes a record.  In the future they are far more likely to select your offer over others due to internal familiarity.

There are casual logo programs that build an attractive design for next to nothing.  And this is not a total waste.  However: it pays to get into the motivations of your market – and visually capture some of that energy and meaning in your logo design.

A great logo-design can be embroidered on shirts, placed in Yellow pages ads, on business cards, back window vehicle decals, trade-show graphics, eBay listings, Craigslist ads etc.

This is the beginning of building your brand on a shoe-string.

When starting business: why blow money on anything that isn't central to the process of making money?   You need a location: but with powerful marketing – your website COULD become your store front.   Even a local business could substitute a convenience-oriented web shopping experience for prime real estate.  The physical location could be a little bit off the beaten track: if 90% of the shopping process happens online.

Powerful marketing can include targeted color post card mailings: which drives the customer to a multimedia webmercial.  Create an emotional connection for your Church,  Custom Gift Baskets, Childcare Center, your Home Improvement Services or a Cosmetic Surgery Practice.

Show case what is DIFFERENT about your product or service.

But for those with highly specialized markets: the web offers unparalleled ability to help your exact target markets find you in the search engines & social media sites.

Let's say you are an author or a product manager.  You are releasing a new book or product.   By pre-positioning on your website: you can already have a built-in market for your release.

Custom Social Media Website features offered by CashBoxoptional enable you to build authority & credibility in your niche.  Create and maintain a following through our Web 2.0 blogging, forum and newsletter features.

Save money & build customer relationships with online customer support.   Don't force your customers to pick up the phone!   Once questions have been asked and answered in your forum: many users prefer to check there first!

As you grow beyond the bounds of your starting position in your home office, basement or garage you may decide to outsource telephones and order fulfillment to specialty houses.



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