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Marketing Your Artwork, Photography & Crafts

Marketing Your Artwork, Photography & Crafts

I have worked in a successful fine art gallery before and watched the artists come in trying to get their work consigned. It was always hard to watch the snooty owner rejecting up-and-coming talent. We want to help any motivated artist take their career into their own hands.

Here we are focusing on the basic marketing viewpoint that leads to long-term success for artists.

The basic key to Earning an Income in Art is having your own Brand Name identity that supports word-of-mouth advertising.  This name should be translated into an easy-to-remember dot com website – where people can find you.

Once you have a Great Name and a consistent "location" on the web – every showing becomes an opportunity for growth and recognition. Even a customer who bought your piece at a street show – might have a guest visiting their home or office who complements them.

If your web URL is on the back of your pieces – that guest might be inspired to seek you out and look at your other work. This advantage supports repeat business. Over time it is a sure way to build a following.

Whenever you visit an art district it's a nice idea to get the card of gallery owners – and email them a picture with a link to your online-gallery. If they like the sample that is included with your email – they will click on through to view the rest of your works. This also permits them to look at your material unrushed. It enables you to cover a lot more territory and avoid the personal impact of rejection: when scouting for gallery opportunities.

If you have the ability to create affordable reproductions from your work – it is also a great idea to open an online store. Someone may have purchased a piece and then want to give your work for gifts. This builds a solid long-term recurring revenue stream.

Our newsletter features enable you to build up an email list of your visitors and update them whenever you release a new work or have a showing.

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