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The Power of a Dot Com Name

The Power of a Dot Com Name

Having a great name that can be easily spelled and remembered can powerfully support all other forms of advertising such as word-of-mouth. 

Let's say your dot com business name comes up in a conversation.   The people who hear that name should be able to go to their favorite search engine and type it in to pull you up.

Once they arrive at your site – you have an opportunity to start building a relationship with that person.   Simply providing valuable information and putting your best foot forward in terms of your image begins to shape their perceptions and build your identity in their mind.

Converting your name into a logo creates a visual statement that sums up the energy of your endeavor in a single glance.   Using this logo on your web site, business cards and other media is like a bank account that continues to acrue interest over the long term.   It sticks in their mind and allows them to recognize you again later.  

Products and services which are represented by a strong, coherent identity – begin to take on a familiar feeling to the potential customer.   If someone saw your logo only one time – they will be more likely to select YOUR offers in the future. – even though they have consciously forgotten about it.

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