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How Websites Support Your Other Ads

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How Websites Support Your Other Ads

Let's say that you invest in decal signs for the back window of your vehicles.   These moving billboards can cost as little as $50 and be placed on the rear window of cars and trucks.   During one commute – thousands of people might see your logo.   During that single glance they may not be able to write down your phone number.   However they might be able to remember a well thought out dot com name.   This enables them to check you out the next time they are sitting at a computer.

Let's say you placed a low cost classified advertisement.   You could even place a free ad on website such as Craigslist.   As long as the ad includes your dot com name – the customer can progress from a low cost black and white text ad to visit your web site.   Once they have arrived at your online business location: you can shape their perceptions and create desire with a high-impact presentation.

Simply handing out business-cards, a small print ad in the Yellow-pages, or sending post-cards to targeted mailing list becomes far more powerful when they propel your potential customer to a media rich web page.  

Some businesses can be benefited by including a full-featured webmercial as part of their website.  Its like having a TV commercial with sights and sounds that create an EMOTIONAL connection with your product or service.

For local companies that take the effort to get noticed on Yahoo, Bing and Google – the pay-off can be big.   Regional search engine listings are much less competitive than global listings.   Your business might be the only one who took the time to get listed.   Many savvy consumers start searching on the Internet whenever they have a need.   They do this before they go and lift up the heavy yellow pages phone book.  It's easier because they can even start looking right from their desk at work.  These customers may also have bigger pocket books and spend the most money.

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