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How Smart Realtors Grow when times are Tough

How Smart Realtors Grow when times are Tough

Realtors that MAKE IT in a Tough Economy

Whether or not you believe in evolution – the survivors were the ones who found opportunities that others missed: even in a bleak environment. These days there are many, many Real Estate Agents who will tell you that they USED TO BE Realtors – but times got too tough! Everyone sympathizes with them of course.

For all those who say it can't be done. There is that one-in-a-thousand agent who nods their head in mock agreement – but also has a sly smile! Somehow they ARE making money: even now! Maybe they are doing that in a different way. But they ARE making money.

What sets these Real Estate Winners apart??

Real Estate Skill Diversity

Add-ons such as loan brokering and property management have special value.

Times are tough. The previous homeowners who were foreclosed on now need to rent. Investors want to buy rental units: both single and multi-unit (at bottom dollar). They also need management. Bring all the parties together!

Vacant properties can be turned into short-term corporate or vacation housing – depending on the region. It's easy to market these properties online. We have succeeded in renting our beach property in the past using Just managing and marketing these vacant rentals for their owners can bring in great opportunities. Luxury properties are less sensitive to economic fluxes and many owners will entertain the dual opportunity of allowing you to rent their property to vacationers and also list it.

Niche Market Opportunities

What about economic proof segments such as health-care workers. Why not market to first-time buyers in the health-care market or veterans coming back from the middle east who are entitled to get VA loans? Become an expert on government programs designed to spur economic recovery and match them up with the intended recipients.

Hospital HR departments and Credit Unions are a great way to leverage co-marketing to offer any unique opportunity that upgrades the financial well-being of their constituency.

In military communities: advertising in the base newspaper shows your interest in the armed forces and starts that relationship with individuals and families who are leaving the service.

Branding & Name Recognition

Yes. Your name is your brand identity. Our partner offers a powerful mini-education on how to tap into human motivation with your marketing.

If people forget your name after seeing or hearing it – all your marketing efforts are ultimately like a cup with holes in it! For those with a strong brand identity – their name itself becomes a value proposition in the minds of the public. That name continues to accrue worth over the long-haul.

In real estate: networking and word-of-mouth are often critical.

If a customer with a great experience mentions your name in a locker room or at a PTA get-together – you need a name that creates Total Recall. Visit our "name web site" for a fascinating tutorial on creating a name that sticks forever: after just one verbal mention or view of your signs.

You also need that customer to be able to go to their favorite search engine, type it in, and pull you right up. CashBoxoptional also offers an introductory guide getting ranked in the Search Engines – check it out!

All your signs should have your name – in the dot com form: and it should be easy to spell.

What Sets You Apart from Run-of-the-Mill Real Estate Agents?

Too many Realtors are intimidated by the web and sign up for the same cookie-cutter web listings as everyone else. What makes you any better than the next guy or gal? …in the Customer's mind that is. Having a strong web presence is critical – especially when times are tough: because to actually MOVE your properties you might have to spread your net wider: a LOT wider. How about NATIONWIDE or greater???

Your own web site with MLS backend and custom videos for your clients might just be the ticket. Do a little research into feeder markets by talking to the local board, the newspaper, convention & visitors bureau, the local chamber or commerce. Find out which out-of-town markets people are coming from. Back up your custom web listings with Real Estate classifieds in these target feeder-markets. Drive visitors to enjoy a sumptuous multi-media preview from the comfort of their own home.

Many people will actually buy a plane ticket – just to meet with you and see your property.

Include key resources for people moving into town. Names and numbers for utilities and schools.

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