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Earning Income from Your Art, Crafts, Photography and Music

Earning Income from Your Art, Crafts, Photography and Music

Having your own online location is a critical element of success for any commercial endeavor.  However for many startup enterprises – it is an attainable "virtual place of business".   For a small investment you can have a storefront or a gallery showcase.    It's open 24/7 and your customers can peruse your products from the comfort of their own space.

If you read our write-up about the power of a dot com name, you understand that simply mentioning your name at a concert or having your web address on the back of your art pieces can bring loads of follow up business.   The key is that your customers can FIND you on their own, once they have become interested.

Artists, Photographers and Crafts People can sell originals and more affordable reproductions of their work.   They can take payments automatically with a simple Paypal account.

CashBoxoptional Hosting has the tools for musicians to get their songs listed for sale on places like Itunes for a small up front investment.   

Having a real dot com web site of your own is the next level from simply having a Facebook or Myspace presence.

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