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Integrity in Web Design: Avoiding a Money Pit

Integrity in Web Design: Avoiding a Money Pit

Everyone NEEDS a website.  As more and more people wake up to that fact: the demand continues to grow.  Those web design providers who are effective at marketing have more business than they can handle.

Many design-seekers have been enticed by the opportunity to take their web development business off-shore to Asian providers who work for pennies on the dollar.  Although it might seem to be a winning proposition there are many pitfalls to watch out for.

A strange phenomenon happens whenever too-many opportunities exist in a market: which is that the level of professional integrity begins to drop.

With both off-shore and local web developers here are some of the impasses that we have encountered. 

  • Designer promises the sun, moon and stars: then disappears part way through the project.  Web designers are a strange breed with emotional issues.  For whatever reason they are unable to continue your project due to personal circumstances.
  • Designer can't be found later when you need to make updates to your site.
  • Designer holds onto your dot com name and demands exorbitant ongoing fees.  This is especially hard when you have poured marketing resources into your website and now have search engine ranking.  You already printed business cards and bought yellow pages ads.  Read our article on web designer complaints about this and how to prevent it.
  • Design provider refuses to answer questions on specifics and only wants to know what your budget is.  I see this a lot with off-shore providers who are interested in not-savvy customers with deep pockets.
  • Design provider offers an unbelievably good rate. But the beautiful examples on their website are higher-ticket designs.  The good-rate gets you something really basic and ugly.  But then they are so nice & persistent you don't want to back out and end-up paying for the expensive design.
  • You get a gorgeous website with no search engine value: so Nobody can actually find you.  Watch out for websites totally done in Flash!

These issues tend to drain your reserve of the critical financial resources you need to float your enterprise.

Ignorance is not Always Bliss

Customers usually think they can go out and find a couple examples of what they like and expect a project to come in at budget.   The client has no idea of what goes into making these features happen, or how specific you have to get in order to make them into a coherent working reality.

Web designers world wide comment about the "Throw it over the Wall" attitude many clients have.  They don't like to know what is going on behind the scenes.

Smart providers have learned to practice the car dealer mentality when interacting with the public who often is coming from an informational disadvantage.  They will tell you ANYTHING can be done at your target budget: however in practice, the end website comes in at least 2.5 times over the originally intended budget.

Many developers prefer a scenario where the client thinks that web design is an open-and-closed process.  The goal is to kick out thousands of sites as fast as possible and be finished with each project so they can move on quickly to the next one.

However your website design should be a part of your overall marketing picture.  Finding all the ways to maximize your benefit is an ongoing process that requires a web development partner who sees the big picture & where your business fits in.

The Empowering Approach. 

At CashBoxoptional we refuse to give you those pat answers.  Instead we quote you a realistic upfront fee.  The web design process becomes an educational experience for the end user.  We train you as we go to add your own content.  You learn to do so in a way that is friendly for search engine marketing.

As a result: you have the tools you need to continue evolving your web site with the skills you learn: even if your starting budget is small.

We invite you to talk to us on the phone or post some questions in our forum for some realistic feedback on how to maximize your value proposition to the world.

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